Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Exam Reminder

The following items should be taken by each student to EACH exam. Not having all three items could result in you being barred from sitting that exam.
  • Identification Card [ID sessions for each group will be announced]
  • Admissions Pass Card [These must be up-to-date, and will only be if you are in good financial standing with the school]
  • Exams Card [Check with the office at your campus or your Programs Officer to find out availability of these cards. You must also be in good financial standing with the school to receive a pass, if not, speak with a representative from Student Financial Services or seek advise from your Programs Officer.]
  • For persons sitting Repeat & Single modules you must take your copy of the form along with you.
ID Cards, Admissions Pass Cards and Exam Cards should be prominently displayed on your desk during each exam.

Good luck and Study hard!

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